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Tosmur is a European Region with Beautiful Architecture and Walking Areas.

The unique advantage of the Tosmur area is two embankments at once. One is along the sea and the beach. And the second one is along the Dimçay River. This is an incredibly beautiful European-style landscaped walking area. Wild ducks live here, picnic areas are equipped, and the coolness of a raging mountain river blows all year round.


Tosmur is a small and green area, sandwiched between the Taurus Mountains and the Mediterranean Sea, and because of the proximity of the mountains, it has its own special charm, a special atmosphere.

This is the favorite area of ​​Europeans. Germans, British, Irish, Poles prefer to settle here. The architecture of the complexes is adjusted to the European taste.

Real Estate

Real estates in Tosmur are mainly multi-storey, modern complexes, well-groomed, with excellent infrastructure.

Many foreigners, especially from the Scandinavian countries, prefer this area, so developers often focus on their taste and ability to pay. Therefore, the cost of apartments in Tosmur may be slightly higher than the average in other neighboring area. At the same time, in the secondary housing market, in the complexes that are simpler and not so new, you can find an option at an attractive price.

A nice bonus is the opportunity to choose an apartment with a very beautiful view of the sea and the historical fortress of Alanya.

Apartments in Tosmur are excellent for rent not only in the summer season, but also at any time of the year, both for the short and long term.

The Cost of Selling Apartments in Tosmur

  • Studio — from 000 €.
  • от 000 €. – Two-room apartment with one bedroom (1+1) – from 000 €.
  • от 000 €. – Three-room apartment with two bedrooms (2+1) – from 000 €.
  • от 000 €. – Four-room apartment with three bedrooms or more (3+1 and penthouses) – from 000 €.
  • Houses, Villas – from 000 €

The main advantages: proximity to the center of Alanya, everything is within walking distance, and a well-maintained walking area on the Dimсay quayside in the village.

Shopping and Grocery: There are two large Migros grocery markets and many small shops and stalls. Bazaar on Thursdays.

Entertainment and attractions: Within walking distance are all the entertainment of Alanya, as well as the embankment of the Dimcay River, the Dim Cave and the picnic area on the Dimcay River, as well as several trout farms, a large city hammam, playgrounds, recreation areas, etc. .

Education: Public schools, kindergartens, sports and creative sections for children and adults.

Medicine: Tosmur is a small area, and there are no large medical centers, but if necessary, you can easily get to the nearest medical centers in neighboring areas, for example, to Oba – just a couple of kilometers.

Transport: public transport is very developed – you can get to any other area without problems. To the center of Alanya is 15-20 minutes by bus.

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