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Area with a Unique Location

Konakli is a resort green and very cozy area just 10 km from the center of Alanya. Respectable foreigners and local residents prefer to live and relax here.

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The main advantage of Konakli is its unique location. The village is placed on the coast, but unlike other coastal areas of Alanya, the main inter-regional highway does not pass here. Green and flowering streets lead to the beach here, not underground passages. And on the first line, luxurious villas and townhouses are being built.

Real Estate

Konakli is an area of respectable low-rise buildings.

Taking advantage of the location, on the first line, they are trying to build cottage villages and villas with their own plots and, of course, luxurious internal infrastructure — swimming pools, recreation areas, cinemas, and so on.

And a little further from the coast, on the hills in Konakli, there are low-rise residential compounds and townhouse complexes. Due to the location on an elevation, there are gorgeous panoramic views from almost every window.

In Konakli, you can buy real estate from leading developers in Turkey under construction, as well as secondary housing in very good condition.

District Infrastructure

Konakli has a fairly developed urban infrastructure. In the area, there are bank branches, a post office, and many cafes, and shops. Here is one of the largest shopping centers in Alanya, where tourists from nearby areas come to shop.

The city’s official vehicle inspection station is placed in Konakli.

From medical facilities in the area, there is a state clinic, a private hospital Konaklı Medical Center, dental clinics, and pharmacies.

There are four public schools, a kindergarten, and sports and development sections for children in the village.

In Konakli, there are horse clubs, golf courses, tennis courts, and a private marina — generally, everything you need for a luxurious vacation or residence.

The village farmers’ bazaar takes place on Wednesdays.


Tourists interested in history come to Konakli to look at the local mosque — it was built in 1231 and is in excellent condition. Also noteworthy is the Sharapsa Khan Caravanserai, the castle is the undisputed symbol of the region.

Among the modern attractions — in Konakli there is one of the best discos in Turkey — Summer Garden, as well as a complex of Turkish baths.

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